Wednesday, January 12, 2011


What great things would you attempt if you knew you could not fail.
All too often, we have great ideas. And many times, the insecurities we have, the self-doubts we have about bringing those ideas to fruition get in the way.

Imagine if someone dreamed the airplane, and didn't work on creating it. Imagine if Ford dreamt a car and didn't create it. So much of what we have in this world started as an idea. But just think of how many of these crazy inventions or theories came about because someone believed hard enough, or thought to himself--"just maybe--just maybe--this is true?" Without that nagging thought tugging in the back of your head--or just by ignoring that little voice that tells you are wrong or just plain crazy...maybe you'll stumble upon greatness.

Maybe you'll create masterpieces, just like van Gogh. Maybe you'll be a scientist who refused to back down, just like Frederick Banting.

Maybe you just didn't give up on something you believed in with all your heart, like Anne Sullivan. Or Temple Grandin's mother. Or my parents. My parents were often told that what they were attempting was impossible, and that I wouldn't be able to speak, much less hear. Yet, they defied popular opinion and here I am, a product of that chance, that opportunity. I can't imagine my life being any other way, and it's all because my parents just simply didn't give up.

Out of all the possibilities out there, how many were not brought to life?

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