Sunday, October 26, 2008

That old routine

You will enjoy doing something different this coming weekend.

Since this weekend is Halloween Weekend, I would hope this weekend would be different. But in a good way.

With that, I wish you all Happy Halloween and trick-or-treating! Do something out of the ordinary!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Future profession

You could prosper in the field of entertainment.

You know, once, long ago (like, when I was 10 or even younger), it was my secret ambition to be a rock star. Never mind that I am a terrible singer. Or, in fourth grade, I wanted to be a world-famous mystery writer a la (koff, koff), Carolyn Keene. Such ambitions are typical (I think; ranging from rock star, writer, actress, musician, model, and so on). But reality does sink in, and we do--or the majority of us do eventually become professionals in other fields, such as, say, being a teacher or perhaps a sales manager. Or a vet. But you know what? We all have to entertain somebody at some point in our lives, whether it's our children or our students (nothing like standing up in front of a classroom full of yawning students at 8 AM, and cracking a joke that makes them wake up. Or, telling a story -- or giving a lecture -- with such passion and fervor that students take notice and start thinking that they want to do whatever it is that you do for a living). One of my best-- or several of my best professors in college were the most passionate and animated lecturers who dove right into the material with such enthusiasm--is that not entertainment?

Or, the waiter who sings Happy Birthday at a restaurant, to an embarassed guest, or a pediatrician who makes a child smile (or laugh) after giving him a shot or a thorough check-up. So you see, we all use entertainment in our daily lives and professions. We just may not take notice, unlike people who do it on purpose (such as folks who are stars on The Bachelor or Survivor or whatever reality show is out there).

And you know what? I'd still like to be a writer. But maybe not Carolyn Keene.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Some healthy tips

Here we go, Low fat whole wheat green tea.

First things first: Why did this advice come after we have partaken in our Chinese food feast? Which was probably a buffet (so you know what that means: seconds and maybe thirds of deep-fried stuff, or pan-fried dumplings--my weakness). I sincerely doubt that it was low-fat, though.

Secondly, whole wheat? I don't think I saw anything whole wheat at the restaurant.

Thirdly, are there commas missing? Or am I supposed to have whole wheat green tea that is low in fat? You tell me. I don't think that exists (though the medincinal properties of green tea cannot be ignored)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Courage, again

The courage to be great lies deep within each of us.

I bet each of us is capable of being great. Whether it's great at work, at school, at sports, or being a great person of some sort--sometimes we get so encumbered by our doubts that we can't achieve our goals. But sometimes just believing in ourselves takes courage and bravery, and being able to do so--looking at our doubts and feelings of inadequacy--and saying, heck yeah, we can do that! That's courageous.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Treat yourself to a good book for a much needed rest and escape.

Relaxation is one of those things on my list; indeed, I enjoy reading (and rereading) these books that you see. Once in a while, it's not a bad thing to forget about life and its troubles for a couple happy hours. And, a well-written book can transport you to another time and place, such as outer space, or somewhere more prosaic, like Maryland. So, heed this advice--and read a good book. :)