Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Usual gifts

You will soon receive an usual gift freely given. Accept!

Usual gift? When I first read this fortune, I thought it said unusual gift, so my mind wondered what I could soon be receiving. It wouldn't be that giant rearview mirror that I received at a white elephant swap before Christmas?

The rearview mirror is still in the box. I gave it to my dad, though. Unusual gift, yes.

But a usual gift? I think that usual gifts tend to blend and fade into my memory, even if I do accept them graciously. However, the unusual gifts I do not forget (this includes the giant rearview mirror, a Hello Kitty wafflemaker (given by my boyfriend), a set of ponytail holders and hair clips (I have short hair, mind you), and a pair of sparkly purple panties given by my mom's friend at an annual Christmas gathering of mostly middle-aged family friends--mortifying...)

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